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Hard Copy RFP Procedures

1) Contact Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative Staff at [email protected] to request a copy of the RFP Specification Form at least 7 business days prior to the RFP submission deadline.  

2) Submit the signed completed RFP in a sealed envelope or other sealed carton properly marked with the RFP number and submittal date, time, and all required forms, documents, and all other required documents to Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative 209 N Water Street Corpus Christi TX 78401.  The proposal must be submitted in electronic, searchable PDF Format on a USB flash drive.  Paper Copies will not be accepted.

3) The proposal, electronic catalog, and or price list must be submitted with the proposal in a PDF format to be viewed and considered for award.

4) The hard copy electronic proposals must be received at ESC 209 N Water Street Corpus Christi TX 78401 no later than the RFP submission deadline.