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Partners for Educational Leadership (PEL)


Great Leaders Are Born AND Made


"Whether or not you’re born with a natural inclination toward leadership, being willing and eager to lead with intentionality makes all the difference. Through a commitment to learning from other effective leaders, practicing the leadership skills you acquire, and accepting constructive feedback from your leadership mentors as well as your team, you can develop into a truly effective leader."                                                                                       - Nicole Malachowski



Partners for Educational Leadership (PEL) prepares education leaders to meet the challenges of 21st Century School Administration. 


Program Implementation

Participants will complete 200 hours of coursework online while completing 160 hours of a Field-Based Practicum at an accredited school district, charter, or private school.   Participants can complete these requirements while remaining in their current campus or district office positions.  An on-site supervisor and field supervisor will be provided to mentor and provide support through the process.  Participants can expect to receive training through a mixture of formats: face to face, virtual, and self-paced online modules which take place outside of classroom instructional time.   During a Field-Based Practicum, participants will be required to plan, implement, and monitor an Action Research Project focused on improving student achievement, instructional practices, and overall campus culture. 


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