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Accountability & Assessment - Overview

Welcome to the ESC-Region 2 Academic Accountability and State Assessments page! Here, we aim to provide with the latest information to empower you in your vital role of shaping the academic future of our students.  

Our mission is to provide you with the latest updates and critical insights into Texas' academic accountability system, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive excellence at the campus and district levels. Stay current with the dynamic landscape of accountability, ensuring your institutions remain at the forefront of educational achievement.

We understand that your roles are multifaceted and demanding. That's why we offer professional development initiatives carefully designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're seeking strategies to improve assessment practices, guidance on interpreting and utilizing assessment data effectively, or insights into optimizing your institutions' accountability ratings, our staff is here to empower you.

We invite you to explore our pages and reach out to our dedicated team if you have any questions or require further assistance. Together, we can continue to champion educational excellence across the Coastal Bend, ensuring that our students thrive.