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Data Driven Excellence

Dominique Janeway is a seasoned education specialist with over a decade of experience in shaping academic programs, providing professional training, and managing budgets. Armed with a Superintendent Certification Preparation Program from Lamar University and a Master's in Educational Leadership, Dominique adeptly applies her skills in educational administration.
In her current role as an Assessment, Accountability, and School Improvement Educational Specialist at ESC Region 2, Dominique stands out for her expertise in data-driven insights and coaching, fostering equity in education. She excels in coordinating training for Local Education Agencies (LEAs), strategic planning, and cultivating inclusive learning environments while ensuring regulatory compliance, thereby significantly enhancing educational practices.
Dominique's skill set encompasses robust leadership and communication, effective team management, in-depth knowledge of educational policies and trends, as well as proficiency in budget management, problem-solving, and decision-making. Her notable achievements include a commendable 20% improvement in student literacy, the successful implementation of a restorative justice program, and recognition for outstanding leadership.