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Program Focus: Gifted and Talented Services

The Advanced Academics Program provides professional development and technical assistance in the areas of Gifted/Talented Education, Pre-AP/AP strategies, and Advanced Academics so that all children will experience an academically challenging education. SBOE requirements state that teachers who provide instruction and services for gifted students must have thirty (30) hours of professional development prior to their assignment to the district's G/T services, or within their first semester (19TAC§89.2(1)). Teachers must also receive a minimum of six (6) hours annually of professional development (19TAC§89.2(3)). Administrators/Counselors must complete six (6) hours of professional development (19TAC§89.2(4)).

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Program Contacts:
Lynn Dodge
Michelle Cliburn

ESC Region 2 Notes -- Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ESC Region 2 and the Common Core Initiative
As per House Bill (HB) 462, Education Service Center, Region 2 does not promote or participate in the Common Core Initiative. You may read the full text of HB 462 at:
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