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Innovative Approaches to Literacy

The Education Service Center, Region 2, Project LEARN IT (Literacy Excellence and Academic Readiness for Nurturing Innovative Thinkers) is designed to provide modern upgrades and literacy resources for 51 predominantly rural and low socio-economic campuses over a three-year period.


The goal of Project LEARN IT is to rejuvenate each school library into a literacy-rich and aesthetically-pleasing environment that engages students in multifaceted literacy activities.


In addition to receiving technology equipment and instructional materials, library redesigns include: furniture, murals, lighting upgrades, and carpet removal. Campuses can choose to add a variety of custom and functional features. During the process, libraries are transformed to support collaboration through makerspaces and kivas.


Campus libraries are the heart of a school. In addition to serving students, they also provide a place for the school staff and community to gather. Participating school districts have received in-kind contributions from their communities and school boards for Project LEARN IT.   


The grant recipients include the following districts:


Banquete Odem-Edroy
Beeville Pawnee
Calallen Rockport-Fulton
CCISD San Diego
Driscoll Three Rivers
Freer Tuloso-Midway
George West West Oso


To learn more about Project LEARN IT, feel free to reach out to the IAL Project Director, Dr. Kandee Guartuche. She can be reached at [email protected]