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Past Workshops

I've Got Skills! Social Studies Skills!
"Amazing session today on Social Studies. As a Secondary Facilitator, and someone who is not an expert in the Social Studies content, I personally feel I have learned so much (tips, tricks, strategies) that I can take back to my Social Studies teams at both campuses, while also ensuring cross-curriculum strategies can be used and beneficial to all teachers/students." - Anonyms, District Facilitator
"I really enjoyed the knowledge that was shared with me today. Mr. Sierra has a wealth of resources that I feel I can tweak, manipulate, copy, and utilize in my classroom and content area. This was enjoyable and very practical for my classroom utilization. I look forward to more sessions with him in the future." - Anonymous, Teacher
"The workshop was very well organized and presented. Mr. Sierra is very knowledgeable, has good humor, and uses good examples" - Anonymous, Teacher
"Great educator and the perfect person to lead the workshop. Definitely enjoyed the workshop and will be looking forward to other workshops with Mauro." - Anonymous, Teacher